Photography by Kari Blough-Smith; special background – The wood was salvaged from an old porch of an 1870, PA farmhouse.The main part of the house still stands, today.


The Cuttlebone Cross

For many people, the Christian cross has been the symbol of the ultimate love and sacrifice. The fish (ichthus) has a long history in the Christian faith – representing the dedication of leaving a past way of life behind, to follow Jesus to a new way of life.

The Cuttlefish Mollusk

After rough storms, the internal shells of the cuttlefish mollusk – called a cuttlebone – would wash up onto sandy beaches. Believed to date as far back as medieval times, goldsmiths would gather up the cuttlebones for a casting method called cuttlebone casting. Carving and casting metal directly into the inside of the cuttlebone allows the piece to take on the unique and organic beauty of the bone’s internal structure – giving an almost wood grain-like texture.

Celebration of Love and Sacrifice

To celebrate the symbol of the ultimate love and sacrifice and being lifted up from the sand with renewed hope and life after the storm, I’m offering the Cuttlebone Cross!


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