Restored Tokens of a Beautiful Marriage…

A widow’s engagement ring and wedding band after prong repair and reconditioning, along with her late husband’s band.

On November 20, 1964, a special promise was kept.  During a beautiful and love-filled church wedding service, gold rings were exchanged between the bride and groom as tokens of their love and devotion to each other.

The husband passed on December 28, 2012, after a love and faith-filled marriage of 53 years, four beautiful children, and many grandchildren.  Those token gold rings showed signs of all the hard work over the years.  It was time for the rings to be brought back to the look of the love and devotion they represented for so many years.

Some careful cleaning, polishing, and prong repair were done to match the craftsmanship of long ago.  The beauty of the rings is now restored – and they can be passed down through the family, in remembrance of a marriage lived in love and faith.

Photography by Kari Blough-Smith

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